Alaska Peninsula Moose
Our moose hunts take place on the Alaska Peninsula where we have 3 sole guide use areas located in Aniakchak National Preserve, Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge and Becharof National Wildlife Refuge. We are the only ones permitted to guide hunters in these respective guide use areas. We take a limited number of moose hunters each year and make a focused effort to take only the most mature trophy class animals. Most of the moose we harvest are in the 60 – 65 inch range, and occasionally some reach 70 inches or more. A large bull moose is one of the most magnificent animals a hunter can harvest.

Our moose hunts, like ALL the hunts we do, are completely fair chase. Hunting moose is all spot and stalk with an emphasis on calling. Our moose season takes place just before the rut is in full swing, so moose are usually very responsive to cow calls and bull grunts, which we can effectively use to bring moose in from great distances. Watching a big bull moose come into a call is a very exciting experience unlike any other.

Your hunt begins with you arrive into our main camp. Once there you will be paired up with a guide, and often a packer as well, and flown to a spike camp. Our spike camps are very comfortable and we eat very well. Normal meals consist of eggs, oatmeal, bagels, hash browns and sausage for breakfasts and fresh salmon, moose meat or burger, pork chops, pasta, vegetables with dinners. You have your own tent for sleeping and your guide will have his own tent, along with a separate tent for meal preparations.


A typical day consists of getting up, eating a nice breakfast, walking to the nearest high point and glassing and calling all day for moose. Once the correct moose is located, we plan a stalk or simply call him right to us, depending on the situation. Often times they will come all the way to where you are spotting from if they are in the mood to come into calls. Like all hunts, moose hunting takes great patience and a willingness to work hard in all weather. The rewards are well worth it.

Once the moose is harvested the real work begins, and we pack out all of the meat bone in followed by the antlers and cape. When all is said and done there will be about 800 pounds of delicious meat and amazing trophy! There is nothing quite like the feel of a massive set of moose antlers in your hands. A bull moose will certainly stand out amongst all the animals you harvest.

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Seasons: September 5 – 15 and September 15 – 25 (11 hunting days)
Price: Please Contact me
Wolf may be harvested at no additional charge

Moose Locking Tag: Non Resident $800, Non Resident Alient $1,000

Hunting/Fishing License: Non Resident $160, Non Resident Alien $630

Round Trip Air Charter: $2,000