Moose/Bear Gear

Gearing Up For Your Moose Hunt

Over the years, our experience has shown that the more relaxed patient hunter has the greatest chance of succees in securing the larger trophies. Although you are the one who paid for the hunt and rightfully will expect your money’s worth, please keep in mind what we consider to be your obligation and responsibility to our professional staff. They are as follows:

1.Bring good quality equipment as specified on ‘Gearing Up For Your Hunt’.
2.You don’t have to be a match shooter, but – you should be able to shoot a 6 inch group at 200 yards. Practice shooting from prone, standing and, particularly, sitting positions. The sitting position is the most versatile and accurate for field shooting conditions. Practice it – Learn it!!

3.The guide and hunter are a team and function best in that capacity.

*IMPORTANT: Nearly all of your gear can be special ordered from Barney’s Sport Chalet in Anchorage. They have a professional staff that knows us and the proper gear you need for your hunt. They can help you with gear purchasing needs. Just tell them that you are hunting with us and what/where you are hunting and they can outfit you properly. Please contact Barney’s Sports Chalet for all of your gear and equipment needs

Barney’s Sport Chalet: Phone: (907) 561-5242 Web:

Foot Wear
Hip Boots: La Crosse Big Chief Insulated Hip Boots – available at Barney’s
Camp Slippers: Crocks – at Barney’s

Rain Gear
Quality Rubber Rain Gear: Helly Hansen Impertech II ¾ length Guide Coat – available at Barney’s

A complete set of top quality waterproof rain gear is essential. A pair of bib overalls or loose fitting waist pants, and preferably a ¾ length jacket. Rain coat should be size XL to fit over gear. No poncho style rain slickers. (they are not suitable to wind and brush).

Pants (2 pair)
Quality polyester hunting pants: Outdoor Research Cirque Pant, Sitka Gear Timberline Pant, ect

Heavy Insulation Layer
Warm puffy parka: Barney’s Brooks Range Jacket, Sitka Kelvin Jacket or Kelvin Down Hoody or similar. – at Barney’s
This coat should be as light weight and compactable as possible. Primaloft, Thinsulate or Down insulated parkas are best. Parka should have a hood.

Mid Weight Insulation
Mid Weight Fleece Jacket and/or mid weight puffy jacket: Kuiu Kenai Jacket, KUIU Superdown Hooded Jacket, Sitka Kelvin Lite Hoody – These insulate, breath well and dry quickly and are very light weight (about a pound)

Base Layer Shirts (2 pair)
Warm Shirts: Sitka Traverse Zip T, Marmot Reactor ½ Zip Shirt, Kuiu 210 ultra merino or similar

Long Underwear (2 pair of long underwear tops and botoms) and Socks (6 – 8_pair)
Long Underwear tops and bottoms- Mid Weight: Kuiu Ultra Merino 145, Minus 33 mindweight, Ibex, ect A good mid-weight Merino Wool is the best. Synthetic is not nearly as good as merino wool
Socks – at least 6 pairs: Smart Wool, Darn Tuff, ect – Barney’s

Warm stocking hat, wool or fleece style
Bill cap
1 pair rubberized waterproof insulated gloves: Atlas 465 Glove Insulated – Available at:
One pair standard gloves: Outdoor Research Versaliner, ect. – Barney’s

*Back Pack – this is your most important piece of gear besides your rain gear. I recommend a Barney’s Pinnacle Pack for those who can afford it. This is hands down the best pack on the market and is available only at Barney’s Sports Chalet. It is worth the money!

*If you choose to not purchase the Barney’s Pack, you still MUST have a pack large enough to fit ALL of your personal day gear, including rain gear, parka, jackets, water bottles, gloves, hat, ammo, camera and anything else you may want to carry. Having a frame pack that is larger in size does not weigh any more that a pack that is too small to carry your gear, plus it is far more comfortable to the wearer. DO NOT BRING A SMALL PACK THAT CAN NOT FIT YOU GEAR! You must be able to carry everything you need for the day in your pack.

Barney’s Pinnacle Pack (the best) Kuiu Icon Pro 5200, Mystery Ranch Metcalf pack Sitka Bivy 30

*Sleeping Bag/Pad
* AK Peninsla Hunters should bring their own Sleeping Bag and Pad. Kodiak bear hunters can use the Bags and pads we have at camp, or bring their own.
Sleeping Bag: should be rated between 0 – 20 degrees. Mountain Hardwear Ultra Lamina 15, Kuiu Suprdown Sleeping Bag 0 or 15 degree
Sleeping Pad: Thermarest Neo Air – Barney’s

Pair of Binoculars: 8X32 or 10 X42 are recommended
Quality rifle scope: 3×9, 2.5×8, 2×10 or similar. High power scopes are not recommended for bear hunting.

Other Gear
2 Nalgene 1 liter Water Bottle
Good headlamp – Petzle Tikka, ect
2 boxes of ammunition – I recommend Federal Premium Ammunition. DO NOT USE HANDLOADS (unless done by a professional). Barnes TSX, Swift A-Frame, Nosler Partition and other high quality hunting bullets are best. No ballistic tips or other thinly jacketed bullets.
Extra headlamp batteries
Personal Items: Personal medications, bio-degradable soap toiletries, baby wipes, toothbrush, razor, etc.
Waterproof bags and stuff sacks: Sea To Summit

Bear: Bear hunters should bring a minimum of 300 Win Mag or 300 Weatherby. We prefer that you use a 338 Win Mag, 340 Wby, 375 H&H, 375 Ruger or 375 Ultra.
Moose: 300 Win Mag. 300 Weatherby, 338 Win Mag, 340 Wby, 375 H&H or Ruger


*Note: For Kodiak hunters, most of these items can be purchased in Kodiak prior to your departure to our main camp. This reduces excess baggage costs and allows you to select based on our recommendations, the best quality gear for hunting the coastal zone on Kodiak.

DO NOT bring jumbo size duffle bags. They will not fit in our aircraft. It’s preferable to use standard size rubber/waterproof duffle bags.
DO NOT bring jumbo size gun cases. They won’t fit in our aircraft, either.
DO NOT bring suitcases; travel as light and tight as possible.
DO NOT bring a backpack that is too small for you day hunting gear. Larger is better, and more comfortable.

Hip boots, proper raingear, and packs may be pre-purchased from me with two-month advance notice and payment.

Hip Boots: $140.00
Rain Coat: $145.00
Rain Pants: $120.00
Backpacks: $240.00 to $600.00

We can purchase other necessary items for you on request and will bill you accordingly.

Traveling gear (your home to camp) MUST BE limited to:
2 duffle bags or 1 duffle bag & 1 pack: maximum combined weight of 80#
one gun case – with enclosed soft case
one hand carry

You will be traveling to ‘Bush Alaska’ where you cannot always obtain what you want. Here are some things frequently desired but unavailable:
Tobacco Products
Personal Medications
Good book (something to read on bad weather days)
Batteries (whatever size you’ll be needing)
Moleskin (for blisters brought on by hip boots)
We have satellite phones but recommend that you rent or buy your own if you need to make calls.