Terms and Conditions

​​Terms and Conditions

A deposit is required to secure any hunt during the desired time, provided openings are available. A 50% deposit is required to confirm a booking unless otherwise agreed to Joe Klutsch or Joey Klutsch. The balance due shall be paid on a prescribed schedule with final payment due prior to the hunt as prescribed in the Hunt Contract. Failure to make payments as scheduled, unless otherwise agreed to by myself (Joe Klutsch) shall result in cancellation. The client acknowledges upon making the deposit that planning and outfitting costs (area permits and concession contracts, license costs, marketing and insurance costs, logistical preparations, etc,) are incurred well in advance of the start of the hunt, and that booking a hunt during a particular period removes that period from my schedule and makes resale of that period at a later date difficult or impossible. I suggest you consider trip insurance if you have any doubts about your ability to make this hunt.

Cancellation refunds will be made only if the individual canceling the hunt is able to find another party willing to book the hunt at the original price and there is sufficient time prior to the hunt to allow for necessary licenses, visa, firearm permits and other essential preparations to be completed. Under these circumstances, the client’s original deposits and payment will be transferable to the replacement hunter. Additional costs incurred in such transfer to a replacement hunter must be borne by the client and/or the replacement hunter. A refund may also be made in the event of a hunting season closure or change in State or Federal regulations or laws resulting in my (Joe Klutsch) inability to provide the hunting service agreed upon.

Katmai Guide Service recommends that you purchase TRIP INSURANCE. Unforeseen events can force you to cancel your hunt, costing you thousands of dollars. I am not able to offer refunds on hunt deposits unless the hunt is rebooked at full price. Trip insurance is well worth the time and money. I suggest you look into these two companies:

Global Rescue Travel Guard
Ph: (800) 381-9754 Ph: (800) 826-4919

License and Tag Fees

Tips given to staff – guides, assistant guides, packers, pilots and other camp personnel are considered as a standard practice by experienced hunters. If you consider your hunt a success and are satisfied with the personal services you received, tips are in order. Cash tips of $200 – $500 are standard for packers. $1,200 to $3,000 for your guide is standard. Gifts of gear and equipment are appreciated, depending on your budget and level of satisfaction. They are very important to my staff.

All edible meat is removed from the field as required by State law. Most of the meat is given to locally domiciled residents of the Alaska Peninsula or Kodiak. Depending on circumstances and logistical considerations common to wilderness hunting, a hunter may be able to take home with him a small cooler or up to one 20# box of meat. We do not expedite meat or fish. If you wish to bring home meat, it is your responsibility to take it with you.

Your Antlers, Cape, Hide and Skull will be flown from main camp to King Salmon or Kodiak (depending on where you hunt). They will then be sent freight collect to the expediting service in Anchorage where they will be prepared for shipment out of State or overseas with all appropriate sealing certificates completed. Next, they will be shipped to the taxidermist of your choice or to yourself on a ‘freight pre-paid’ basis. This process takes time (up to three months) and it involves a tremendous amount of work on our part to make sure trophies are properly labeled and prepared for shipping. Costs will vary according to shipping destination. The expeditor/taxidermist that we use in Anchorage, Alaska is Knight’s Taxidermy. For more information contact:

Knight’s Taxidermy
7329 Arctic Blvd
Anchorage, Alaska 99518
PH: (907) 344-5501